Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fonera 2.0, Fonosfera.org Update, and more

Well it looks like La Fonera 2.0 is starting to emerge and more people are getting their hands on them. Already the English Fon boards have set up a special area just for stuff on it. (LINK). Also, its seems that the Fon Blog got a Fonera 2.0 and managed to test it out with a usb webcam. (LINK) Of course for those wondering whatever happened to the Fonosfera program that was first brought up back in April. Well it seems like they finally have a website and a blog, so check it out.

Now, here is something I found interesting. Martin hosted a Fonero brunch in Berlin (On Oct 21, 2008).

"Next Tuesday at 10:30 I am hosting a Fonero brunch in Berlin. The purpose of this brunch is to brainstorm on how we can grow Fon in Germany so there´s more free WiFi available to Foneros. Until now UK and France have grown considerably more than Germany and it is my interest to get ideas from German Foneros what Fon can do to grow faster in Germany. I will also share my views on the start up scene post financial collapse.

If you want to attend the brunch, please RSVP here. It is at Cookie´s Cream Restaurant in Friedrichsstrasse."

I wonder how it turned out. I'll post back if more information arrises. Hey Martin Varsavsky, if your ever coming to the USA let me know. I have great ideas for you and I'm always hungry.

here's how it turned out:

Link: Martins Blog: "Fonero brunch in Berlin: introducing the Fonera 2.0"

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