Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WiFi Gizmos: WiFi Watch

"If you’re the kind of person who’s always on the lookout for a WiFi network and want to find the best place to get connected, enter the digital WIFI Watch, a great watch with a handy WIFI detection feature.

Lots of people rely on WiFi, having to be hooked up to the net is essential for both business and pleasure, and when out and about, WiFi ‘clouds’ help to get the best out of web-enabled gadgets. The WiFi Watch is a discreet alternative to holding your laptop computer in the air, and it's no trouble whatsoever to keep with you at all times. At the touch of a button this clever digital watch will reveal the strength of local WiFi connections, so you can select the best location from which to hook up.

In addition to its essential WiFi feature,the watch is anti-static, shockproof, is water resistant up to 100 Metres, and comes with useful functionality including an alarm, countdown timer, world time zone mode and calendar, and all this for under £25.

More Information

•Digital WiFi Watch
• Watch Features: Chronograph, Countdown, Alarm, Hourly Chime, Dual Time, Lap Memory
• Wifi Detection
• Detects interference intensity of 2.4ghz signal
• Detects AP stations over 100 metres outdoors
• Anti-static and Shock Proof
• 100 Metres Water-Resistant"

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