Monday, October 13, 2008

FON MOVIMIENTO Newsletter: September/October

Getting better all the time

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September was an important month for FON thanks to the registration of our 1,000,000th Fonero, “Wilkinson,” in Japan! But of course we wont stop there. We´ve already set a new target of two million Foneros and our plan to reach that goal in record time is called Fonero Gets Fonero. With this plan, existing Bill and Linus Foneros with active FON Spots can invite their friends to a La Fonera WiFi Router at a discount. If Aliens start being extra nice to you, you´ll know why.

Making bucks near Starbucks

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Martin G., a political science student living in Queens, New York, has only been a Bill for about six months and he is already making enough money as a Fonero to cover the cost of his Internet service. Last month he beat his personal best by earning $95. “It isn´t a fortune,” he says, “but it makes me happy because it costs me no real money or effort to earn.” Most of this money is generated by sharing FON WiFi with savvy Starbucks customers nearby who know they can pay less by connecting to a FON Spot. Martin´s advice to other Bills is to “get a La Fontenna and aim it as precisely as you can towards where the people are - the local cafĂ© or apartment building or whatever. Give it time. People may see your signal a few times before they try it, then they´ll use it regularly.”

New cool Apps for your Phone

Is that a FonJoikuSpot in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

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Get ready to turn your phone into a WiFi hotspot, for free WiFi anywhere at anytime! The Finnish company Joikusoft has created a software that turns the 3G signal on your Nokia phone into an outgoing WiFi signal for all your WiFi laptops and gadgets. No more need for USB dongles, cables or Bluetooth. And in true FON spirit, you can of course share your phone's WiFi signal with anyone you like.

We have worked out a deal exclusively for Foneros. Download it here to receive your special Fonero discount.

Ready. Aim. fring!

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You have probably heard of fring already. Gone are the days where you made calls on your phone, and chatted on your laptop. Nowadays you can communicate in any way you want, by any means. fring brings all the networking applications you know from your computer, onto your phone. Free calls with your Skype friends, live chats with your MSN Messenger contacts... you name it.

For the FON community, fring has developed a way to make it much simpler and faster to log in to any FON Spot from your phone. The log in happens automatically, without you even noticing it. Now connecting to a FON Spot with your phone is as easy as ready, aim, fring!

Download FON ready fring here.

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