Thursday, October 9, 2008

Get La Fonera 2.0 Beta

Available in select countries only...

It should have potential as long as Fon doesn't screw things up again. If you ask me, Fon wasting their time and doing things bass ackwards. "Hey, lets put our firmware on a linksys router and later forget about it. Hey lets create a stupid router with no ethernet ports. Hmmm, it seems like people want an ethernet port on thier router, so lets make a router with ONE ethernet port. Hey, I got another idea, lets take the previous router and add usb support to it (and dont forget, we cant do the work ourselves, so let the people develope what they want)..." Come on Martin, fix this. Taking baby steps is not going to help Fon progress and your spending money in all of the wrong places. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. Feel free to read Martins blog post and the one written by El Fon Blog:

Martin V

El Fon Blog

La Fonera 2.0 Beta


La Fonera 2.0 Beta is a 2 Ethernet Port and 1 USB port cool WiFi FON router. It comes with an Internet port to connect to your existing broadband service, an additional LAN port to connect a wired device to your network and a USB port. La Fonera 2.0 is easy to install, offers data transfer rates of up to 54Mbps, and works with all of your WiFi-ready devices (laptops, phones, MP3 players, etc.). The standard range is between 10-50 meters depending on the environment.

The Fonera 2.0 is intended to be a Liberator of your desktop computers by being able to both execute applications that you usually need to run in background on your computers and to help you share USB devices between the notebooks connected to your Fonera 2.0, like USB Disks, USB Scanners, USB Printers or Webcams (Not all USB Devices supported).

In addition to all that, Fonera 2.0 also allows you to get Roaming privileges to the whole FON Network by sharing part of your bandwidth at home, and also allows you to make some money from the visitors who still don´t share their connection.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This Developers Only Edition works as a Fonera+ in terms of WiFi router specs and performance but the USB Port has limited functionalities as we are still developing cool applications with our partner communities that you will be able to load into the device later on. If you are not a Developer we recommend you either wait for the final product that will include most of those applications Out-of-The-Box or purchase our Fonera+.


Dimensions 93.5 mm x 25.5 mm x 110 mm (excluding antenna)
Antenna Connector RP-SMA connector (reverse SMA)
USB Port USB A-type Receptacle (USB 2.0)
Antenna External detachable antenna (1,5dBi)
Authentication WEP 64bit/128 bit, WPA, WPA2, WPA mixed
Encryption TKIP, AES, Mixed
Network Standard Support IEEE 802.11b / 802.11g (up to 54 Mbps)
Ports 1 Ethernet WAN port (10/100Mbps) for internet + 1 Ethernet LAN port (10/100Mbps) for computer connections and other devices (network printer, storage, etc.)
SSIDs One public (named FON_FREE_INTERNET by default) non-encrypted and one private (named MyPlace by default) encrypted with WPA-PSK


  1. So Fon's "Beta Testing Program" is apparently no longer by invitation. Now, we must pay to join.

  2. lol. Fon's beta testing is a joke, you should know this by now...