Monday, April 14, 2008

Fonera 2.0 and The Fonosfera [UPDATED]

Looks like Martin released some details about the up coming La Fonera 2.0 and a new thing called The Fonosfera. Go ahead read it, I made some parts that I found interesting bold. It seems like Fon might finally be embracing hacking (that or else they realize that they are horrible at developing firmware for their routers and/or are too cheap to hire people to do it, this could explain why they plan on selling it cheap [I hope]). At the same time, this might finally give Fon that push in the right direction that they are currently unable to achieve or be a recipe for disaster.

"As I’ve recently disclosed, our main objective at FON is the launch of our next product, the Fonera 2.0. The Fonera 2.0 is a Fonera that will not only make it easy to provide WiFi for yourself and for your neighbors, it will also provide Foneros with great features like the ability to connect a hard drive to it and autonomously upload or download content from the Internet while you’re doing something else on your laptop or your PC is off. In short the Fonera 2.0 will manage your daily relationship with the Web 2.0 doing such thing as sending your pictures to Flickr, your videos to Youtube, downloading your torrents, etc. Many of the things that the new Fonera will do a PC can do of course but why tie up a thousand dollar investment with your vital info doing menial task when you can have a $49 Fonera do them.

The Fonera 2.0 will be an open platform for developers to build their applications on top of, much like a hacked iPhone is now. An open platform is nothing without a community of developers, so we’re announcing today the launch of The Fonosfera, our development community program that will span not only the Fonera 2.0 but all Fon products. We know there are already many communities doing great things with our Foneras, adding new features and fixing bugs. The idea behind the Fonosfera is to bring all the development work the communities have been doing and will do in the future to any Fon user.

The Fonosfera will be a chance for all these communities to keep working independently, while contributing to the development of Fon products including the Fonera 2.0 and the applications that will run on it. The Fonosfera will provide a space for gathering and sharing between developers and to make their projects available to end users all around the world. It will include a framework with development and community tools such as svn, trac, forums, mailing list, wiki etc. We already picked a few communities that have proved they can do great things with the Fonera and sent them a test version of our Fonera 2.0.

The Fonera 2.0 will provide a USB connection and users will be able to plug any sort of USB device to it (as long as there’s software support in the firmware, and we invite developers to add support for any device they might think of). The Fonera 2.0 will provide out of the box the ability to connect a hard drive or pendrive to it, so you can access it on your local network and use it to store the contents your Fonera 2.0 will download from the Internet for you. Another interesting feature we are working on is the ability to connect an HSDPA modem to the USB port of the Fonera 2.0, to share an HSDPA connection on the move or where DSL is not available.

We are working hard to make the Fonera 2.0 as open as possible, and we are willing to take all the help the development community can bring to Fon and Foneros. Our users will still have to wait a few months to get their Foneras 2.0, but we’re sure it will be worth the wait."

Martin's Blog Post: The Fonosfera: FON’s development community program and the Fonera 2.0

[UPDATE: 4/15/08]

Looks like Martin is back at it again with ideas for what La Fonera 2.0 could do. Some of them are kind of weird, crazy, stupid, and yet a few are good.

Martin's Blog post: "My ideas for La Fonera 2.0"

[UPDATE: 4/15/08]

Fon Blog: "Fonosfera: The FON Development Community"

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