Thursday, April 3, 2008

Expecting new stuff from FON, lets see what the future holds

I have a suspicion that we might me expecting something from FON within the next couple of months.

First FON is starting a new beta testers program (at least in the US), information can be found on the forums. Don't bother trying to get in, everything is closed as of now until "the new firmware is ready to roll out" and they are ready to get more testers. Its hard to tell when this is going to start, this topic started in mid February.

Second, on the forums again, a picture of the "new router" was posted. Its hard to tell if its real or not, but it was posted by a moderator.

And last, Martin posted about a hacked fonerabot. In the comments of the post, somebody asked why doesn't FON "release a development firmware of Fonera..." and Martin's response was "In the next 90 days we will!"

What's going on over at FON, I personally want to find out. FON first came out with the Linksys router, then La Fonera, then La Fontenna, and most recently (about July 2007) La Fonera +. Could this be the "FON Liberator" or "La Fonera 2.0," it's like "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop, the world may never know" and I leave it at that. . .

search the forums for the others.

[UPDATE: 4/4/2008]

Wow, its true. La Fonera 2.0 (the one with the USB port) will be coming out sometime this year. I thought that it couldn't be true at first, but a few things came up on a blog and the German FON Blog.

Here's what it said on the German FON Blog. 30 of the routers were sent out for alpha testing and that round of testing has been closed. (both sites need to be translated using google)

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