Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The World's Biggest Mexican Wave!

"Together with our partner BT, we are launching The World’s Biggest Mexican Wave, an initiative to raise awareness of the BT FON community, which has been growing really fast and has now more then 70,000 members."

"Anybody can be part of The Biggest Mexican Wave. Joining the wave is very easy, watch some tips on how to film and submit your own (you can use a webcam, a camera or your mobile phone). Once you upload your video you’ll be part of the world’s biggest Mexican wave, watch it on the website and try to spot yourself!"

Martin's Blog: "The World's Biggest Mexican Wave"

Heck, if it works for sporting events, why not FON and BT. Also,

"BT FON has been selected by the judges as a finalist in the Most Innovative Wireless Broadband Company category of the Wireless Broadband Innovation Awards. Vote for BT FON!"

Martin's Blog: "2008 Wireless Broadband Innovation Awards"

Never heard of the Wireless Broadband Innovation Awards, well neither have I, but I guess it is another accomplishment (well, not quite yet?) for FON and BT.

And this raises the question: how is BT Fon going to reach out to the public with this? Well the answer is: Hire a Model...

"The Sun’s coverage of BT FON’s latest campaign. The girl in the photo is Jennifer Metcalfe, star actress in the UK.

Peter Crouch and Jennifer Metcalfe have grabbed their sombreros to spice up the launch of the world’s biggest ever Mexican Wave.

Liverpool striker Crouch and Hollyoaks stunner Metcalfe are promoting BT FON’s fun new campaign which aims to find out which football team in the UK has the most passionate fans.

Bradford babe Metcalfe visited Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium for Saturday’s clash with Liverpool to meet who filmed their own, unique Mexican Waves.

To me it is fontastic to see all this going on as BT is showing Fon that if you really want to reach the general public you have to go for themes that are less geeky than ours. Who would not dream of being able to connect to Jennifer Metcalfe´s Fonera?"

Martin's Blog: "BT Fon and how to reach the general public with Fon"

The Sun Article

Hmm... Martin's last line there cracks me up. So what are you just sitting there for. Get up and join in on The World's Biggest Mexican Wave! And heres why...

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