Wednesday, October 10, 2007

FON Marketing update and FreeWLAN

Finally, almost a month later I received an email from FON stating that I will get my promotion code to purchase the FON Kit this week. They told me they where behind due to the whole deal with BT and Neuf (BT , Neuf). I will post more once I receive the kit.

Also, two days ago I installed the FreeWLAN addons for my one La Fonera (the other one still has the stock firmware). This addon doesn't replace the Fon firmware, it enhances it. The stock firmware is very limited, so a group from Germany decided to do something about it. The FreeWLAN addons feature:
FreeWLAN Addons v.0.9.0

Please note that this release is for the La Fonera (not for the La Fonera+) and that this is no official FON Firmware so the usage is on your own at one's own risk.
Summary of the new features:

  • Help system
  • Speed information
  • MAC-Blocking of connected clients
  • Fonero-Status of connected guests
  • Bandwidth limiting
  • Family- & Friends-Accounts
  • Private WiFi's SSID hideable
  • Bridging Ethernetport to private WiFi
  • Hostname editable
  • Connection to the web via WLAN (Pseudo-WDS) --> QRM (Quasi Repeater Mode) with detailed settings
  • MyPlace works in QRM => three (!) WiFis
  • Static DHCP (binding IP to MAC)
  • MAC-Cloning
  • MAC-Blocking list
  • DynDNS-Client
  • Mail service
  • UAM-Allowed editable
The installation from a standard Fonera's firmware is very easy (but a detailled hack is not allowed to be published here iin this board):
  1. change DNS
  2. change public SSID
  3. connect the La Fonera to the Web and let it reboot -> now the
FreeWlan Addons 0.9.0 will be installed - it takes a little time.

heres the links for it

I haven't had time to try out all of these cool features on it, but I'll get around to it later and give updates on it. There is also something similar to FreeWLAN. It's the FrancoFon firmware. It was developed by a French group, but I unfortunately don't know to much about it. (The site is in French, and Google only translates so much of the site) LINK , ENGLISH TRANSLATION

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