Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Finally got my Fon kit for Fontrepreneur program

Finally got my Fon kit today and once again I was disappointed. Originally we were told that the Fon kit would include:

* 3 La Foneras
* 1 La Fontenna
* Extra promo stickers
* Fliers or brochures
* 50 Printed Day Pass Promo Cards
* 1 FON T-shirt

But the only thing I got was 3 La Foneras and 1 La Fontenna. The T-shirt is not big deal, I can live without it. The stickers and fliers/brochures, how am I supposed to advertise for Fon and let people know what it is. Luckily I already made my own, just need to make copies at UPS thanks to a '25 free copy coupon.' 50 Printed Day Pass Promo Cards, sorry folks you can only take advantage of a 15 minute free trial.

Now I am left with another problem. I have the kit, now what? I don't know when the program officially starts and a bunch of other stuff. Go figure, once again I am left in the dark, due to lack of communication. I, once again, have to email Fon again to find out whats going on.

heres a few pictures of the Fon kit, I hope to do a full review on the program (after completion) and the Fontenna (when I have time and a large open area to test).

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