Friday, October 26, 2007

Finally received promo code for FONtrepreneurs program and misc thoughts on Fon

Finally FON has emailed out the promo codes for the 3 La Foneras and 1 Fontenna. Not to bad considering they were aiming for an official launch data of September 23, 2007. Even though in the month and a half I have been left hanging there with a lack of communication between me and FON, I am still going to go through the program. I look at it like this, worse comes to worse the fon marketing program (FONtrepreneurs program) will be a complete bust and waste of my time. This is what I have a good feeling it is going to be like. In theory, it could work given you lived in a location that could benefit from cheap wifi, like a maybe small, family owned bed and breakfast and thats about it. The FON passes are a little on the expensive side if you plan to use the WiFi for just an hour or so, but are very reasonable if you need it for a day or even a week. The problem isn't FON, it's America that it the problem. We are the richest country in the world, and yet at the same time cheap. That is why all of these hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, and etc give free WiFi for the customer. Here it is from my point of view. If I was going out to a restaurant to meet up with friend and needed the internet. I would be more likely to go to a restaurant where I can get it for free. Adding this extra service at a restaurant will help the owners get more money, by eliminating the middle man (FON). Fon is just doing this to make money. This all does not mean I don't Fon, its a great idea, can benifit many people, and I am all for it. Fon has a ton of potential. It's poor business managment and communication with the foneros is the thing that is hurting Fon. All Fon has to do is provide the foneros with what they want/need (better products, such as a regular wireless router similar to a linksys WRT54GL) and a more secure wireless connnection. Heres what I would like to seen Fon do: go back to the Linksys WRT54GL's and only one SSID and add some type of VPN service or something similar. Fon right now provide an insecure wireless access to everyone, even though they say it is secure. toms hardware just did a very interesting article/video on this (LINK) and Fon is a good example to show the insecurity of there network. Hopefully they will understand this and fix it. All of the foneros are at risk of identity theft. [Side Note: I don't have to worry about this because my school provides us with a VPN service in order to connect to the WiFi on campus, but we can also use it to connect from our ISP at home to the campus server, but in the future I plan to set something up at my apartment (granted Fon does nothing about this issue)] Well moving on. Its just a matter of waiting until my Fon kit arrives and going from there. In the past couple of months I have been making my own brochures, flyers, handouts, website, and a survey and plan to make a one page info sheet, a couple more surveys maybe, stickers, letters to potential customers (for the program), and a t-shirt design. This is another thing that Fon lacks, advertising. I'm not doing this Fon, but for myself. More Fon access points in the area, means more spot were I can connect to. Like I said before, Fon has a lot of potential to go places, unfourtunatly they are stuck in a hole and digging themselves deeper into the earth. We will just have to wait and see what the future holds, and I'll will post an update.

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