Saturday, November 15, 2008

15 minute free trial change along with prices

It seems like the people at FON can not make up their minds. They keep changing everything. Now (according to the wiki),

WiFi Ads, or simply 15 free minutes of Internet

Simply want to check your emails or test a FON Spot? No problem! We indroduced the 'WiFi Ads', so 'Aliens' can see that they are well come by Foneros. Thanks to this feature, 'Aliens' can watch a short advertisement and get 15 free minutes Internet. When is this useful? not always do you need Internet for a whole day, perhaps you're on holidays and you only want to fetch your emails or send one. Perhaps the signal of the FON Spots where you can connect to seem a bit weak, and you'd like to test them before you activate a day pass.
  • The WiFi Ads can be used by any Alien Fonero once every 10 days.
  • You need a browser with a Flash-Player to watch the video.
Now its 15 minutes free access once every 10 days, and they changed the prices a little. Also, they seem to be pushing people to buy more passes because of this and they made the 15 minute free trial button pretty darn small.

Link to my previous post on this...

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  1. I agree with you here. The fact that Fon keeps changing this around does demonstrate that they didn't think it through the first, second, or even third times. Also, they continue to snub both the input and objections of the Foneros.

    The new deal is a bit better than it was last week, if it's working properly, but Fon still has it all wrong.

    In my opinion, it's not about how many times an Alien uses a free trial in a given period of time. It's about the purpose of having it.

    The free trial should simply be about building trust with the customers (instead it has destroyed trust with the Fononeros). Aliens should be able to test any Fon hotspot once per month. Furthermore, to be useful, the results of that test should be available to the Bill, and available on the Fon Map.

    Fon still just wants to collect email-addressey looking strings which they can declare to be "members".