Friday, August 22, 2008

PSP® and FON collaboration

Seems Fon and Sony got together and once again came up with an idea that only impacts people in Japan (more countries later??). Anyway, now PSP users (in Japan) :

"can access PSP® Internet Browser Official Site from FON’s wireless LAN access points (hereafter FON Spots). With this PSP®×FON collaboration, PSP users are able to easily access and enjoy videos, wallpapers and custom themes of PSP software as well as videos for PLAYSTATION ®3 from over 44,000 FON Spots in Japan and over 2,200 FON livedoor Spots, which primarily cover central Tokyo."

I also found some other interesting stuff as well:

"Finally, from August 23rd, the service launch date of PSP®×FON, we will begin sales of FON’s wireless routers “La Fonera” and “La Fonera+” in PC equipment section and game device section of some of Japan’s biggest retail stores including BIC Camera and Yodobashi Camera."

"FON Members Access Points
Global: 1,002,552 members and 292,131 APs
Japan: 84,389 members and 44,661 APs as of August 15, 2008)"

The idea seems useless to me, but this somehow doesn't surprise me. Happy reading!

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