Wednesday, August 20, 2008

GigaOm will sell 1 billion WiFi chips this year

Once again Martin is posting useless stuff and for some reason is comparing WiFi to 3G. Go ahead and skip reading his blog post and read the article originally published by

"When we started Fon, back in 2006, 200 million WiFi chips were sold. This year according to GigaOm it will be 1 billion. This is a simple reminder that when critics say that 3G will kill WiFi they are just wrong. If anything 3G makes people even more interested in getting data which then operators want to offload to WiFi. The iPhone is a case in point. Why is it that when you buy songs from the iTunes store you can only do it over WiFi and not over 3G even in the 3G iPhone? The paradox of mobile carries is that they want you to pay for expensive data plans but then….use WiFi." "VCs Hope to See Wi-Fi Everywhere"

Martin Var's Blog: "1 billion WiFi chips"

Fon Boards: "Thoughts on 1-billion-wifi-chips from martinvarsblog"

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