Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Updated Fonspot Login Portal Still Stinks

Well It looks like Fon updated the login portal once again and to my surprise (note the sarcasm) it still sucks. Yea it looks totally different, but Fon still retains the original "personalization" options or lack of options for the matter of the fact. The portal is very simple (in other words boring). Fon now shows a few disclaimers as well.

"Disclaimer: FON is not responsible for any content that a Fonero may have personalized on his/her individual FON Spot. If you detect any messages or website at the FON Spot that you believe to be inappropriate for our Community, please notify us at info@fon.com


"FON shall guarantee that the authentication services it provides shall be available 80% of the time during any 24 hour period. If the process of authentication is interrupted, FON shall refund the Alien for the non usage of the daily FON Pass."





Photos of the Fonspot portal as it has changed over the years.

1 comment:

  1. I agree with ya, bud. This isn't "better customization". The only difference is that the very small number of elements which Fonero can "customize" are hidden by default, instead of populated by default media.

    One advantage is that the login page may no longer be a half megabyte, and should download easier, with less missing elements.

    However, Fon really isn't committed to providing us with customization options. By making them so pitiful, Foneros may choose not to customize. Fon then claims that we don't really want to customize our hotspots, and strips more options away.

    Visit Fon's English Blog and voice your views. Be sure to visit it and see if your comments got "spam filtered".