Saturday, July 12, 2008

La Fonera Temporarily Sold Out and new FGF Promo

Head on over to the Fon Shop and you be surprised to find out that the La Fonera is temporarily sold out, possibly until the end of summer (for people in the UK at least). This could be very bad for a lot of people looking to get a cheap router through Fonero gets Fonero and for Fon. Now they must push the sales of the horribly over priced and under featured Fonera+. On the other hand we may see an increase in sales of Foneras on Ebay. I have been keeping track of all routers (well almost, but not quite, at least the ones sold shipping to the US) sold on ebay since approximately last October. Hopefully I will have a chance to compile all of the data and release it soon. Currently there has been a dramatic decrease in sales of Foneras on ebay (both acutal product and FGF invites). On the German Fon blog, they claim that we could see an increase in price of Foneras on ebay, beats me though, I'll have to check it out and keep an eye on it.

Now there is a new Fonero gets Fonero promotion going on. You can get the La Fonera + for only $19.95 plus $10.00 shipping. The La Fonera + runs $49.95 regular price.


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