Monday, March 10, 2008

Panasonic’s Skype WiFi phone is now FON friendly

Finally a new wifi phone can be used on FON hotspots. First it was the SMC WSKP100 (see and for more details) and now the Panasonic KX-WP800 (I think, there is a lack in details about the phone, this post will be updated when more information is known about it) I'm interested in seeing how the phone performs because I have read about the SMC phone and it doesn't seem like a quality phone (search to internet and the FON boards for reviews), but for now we will just have to wait. From what I have read the phone will be about $290 and should be available sometime around the end of the month.

FON Japan has helped Panasonic to FON-enable its latest Skype WiFi phone set, making it possible for its users to easily connect to any FON Spot and call for free or very low rates using Skype.

The phone is on sale in Japan and comes with a WiFi router to use at home. But what is more interesting for Foneros is that it can be conveniently used as a Skype phone even outside your home as it automatically connects to any FON signal when one is detected. Users enter their FON login and password during the initial configuration and the phone will store them to easily connect to any FON Spot.


Foneros living in Tokyo, where we recently reached 80% coverage, should be particularly interested as the combination of this nice WiFi device and FON could help them save a lot when calling outside of their homes. Bring your Skype phone with you and make free calls connecting to any FON Spot in Tokyo, including 2.200 Livedoor access points in great locations.

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