Friday, March 21, 2008

FON keeps changing prices

Don't know what made me visit the FON Shop, but when I did I discovered a few price adjustments.

1) Now you can add a Fontenna for only $9.95 with the purchase of La Fonera or La Fonera +
2) La Fonera is now $29.95
3) Fonero Gets Fonero price for La Fontenna raised too
4) Seems like they raised the price of shipping from $5 to $10 for non-FGF purchases.

Fon was offering La Fontenna for only $2 more, so for those who took advantage of the 90% discount, it was worth it. For those who missed out, think carefully before buying a Fontenna (it's better to spend the money on a high quality antenna, with a decent gain)

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