Monday, December 1, 2008

Outdoor Foneras under development

Fresh out of Martins blog. Maybe Fon is listening to us Foneros after all (or just trying to copy Meraki, sort of). Maybe in a couple of years we might actually be able to purchase it. I would like to know how they plan on getting power to the device, how much it will cost, and other specifications as well. LINK

"Here are a few pictures of a ruggedized Fonera for outdoor deployments. We built it with one of our Asian partners and we are now testing it. This is not a product announcement. As my readers know this is my blog and I share R&D projects as they evolve. But we have had a lot of requests for outdoor foneras and we are working on the concept."

Express your opinion on the Fon Boards: "Outdoor Foneras"

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